Get active and have fun during Síclovía San Antonio


Imagine going back to the years when you were a kid who could spend an entire day playing on the streets of your neighborhood without worrying about traffic rules, car drivers or any danger you might find in the streets of any city nowadays.

Perhaps, you grew up in a small community where people would walk down the street just to run errands like grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy or a doctor’s appointment. That sense of being part of a community and taking back the streets for recreational purposes is part of what we can experience during Síclovía, an upcoming event that the YMCA of Greater San Antonio hosts twice a year.

Next Síclovía will be held on September 30, 2018.

Here are a few things you should know about Síclovía:

It is a free event and it does not involve any kind of competition.

There is no need to register for this. Come with your bike, helmet, skateboard or just your tennis shoes!

It is a family event and your pet is welcome to join Síclovía.

The route has no starting or ending point and it is handicap-accessible.

Participants can fill up their water bottle for no charge – multiple waters stops along the route.

Although Síclovía has no specific starting point, the route includes Parland Place, going south along Broadway Street all the way until Brooklyn Street, and then covering parts of Brooklyn, Camden and Lexington Avenue.

The main purpose is to bring our community together by exploring what the city has to offer, enjoying the streets (which will be closed to vehicle traffic) and expose local business and organizations.

Síclovía has been hosted by the City of San Antonio and the YMCA since 2012. It is inspired by a similar event that takes place in Bogota, Colombia called Ciclovia that started three decades ago.

You can find out more about this event and ways to volunteer accessing the YMCA webpage Do not miss our next notes with more interesting details the following weeks! Vibra San Antonio is the official source for news and information about Síclovía.


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