Dan Walker knows what really means to be a gentleman and explains to you on YouTube


Thanks to a conversation among friends about how difficult it can be to tie a Windsor knot, a YouTube channel was born. This channel shares everything about being a gentleman and explains the how and why.

Dan Walker was one of those involved in that conversation, which occurred some six or eight months ago, and is now the one who has taken the initiative to create A Gentleman’s Domain. It is a digital platform released two weeks ago to share knowledge acquired through personal experiences and in books.

“I have been able to learn a lot about different cultures. I grew up in a home with a military influence, which allowed me to visited many countries and met many people from different ethnics backgrounds. All that opened a door to knowledge about how we should behave appropriately in different types of situations. I want to share experiences that help people to understand what means been a gentleman, “explains Walker, who is a faithful believer in the idea that there is no second chance to create a first impression.

The video about the ties will be available soon and will be part of a series of weekly, informative 5-minute videos every Wednesday.

5ca38198e0fd49c503721147414a649c.0This man feels a genuine commitment to the idea of informing and educating so that it is clear that being a gentleman has to do with style, but also with behavior, signs of education, how we speak and the way we present ourselves to other people. This includes even the rules of table etiquette, which will also be explained in a separate video.

Walker, in whose closet there is a variety of jeans, all kinds of shoes, blazers, tailor suits and hats, live convinced that it is not about having too many things, but how to combine them to create varied styles. The key is a good mix and match, according to him.

On the other hand, he is concerned to see often how some men make sexual advances when approaching women or do not know what it means to comply with the dress code of a particular event. To all of them, he wants to make it clear also that even today a gentleman opens the door to a lady and surprises her with a bouquet of flowers.

6f57875ee8f96b1f753a598381420f5b.0 (1)Why do you think that many young people reach adulthood without understanding what it is to be a gentleman? “, we asked. “Many parents are not clear about it either and can not teach their children what they do not know. In addition, there are many homes where mothers raise alone and there is no example of a father who knows how to be a gentleman,” he explains, not without adding that since eight years of age a child should begin to learn about all this.

Below we offer you a sample of what A Gentleman’s Domain offers:


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